The 140 characters of twitter is sometimes not just enough, probably many a times. If you want to share long messages on twitter I have got an excellent service for you, Twitlonger. It let you surpass 140 characters limitation of twitter.


How to use Twitlonger

  1. First you need to visit Twitlonger website.
  2. Login with your Twitter username and password. (It uses OAuth for authentication so there’s no risk as to the privacy of your username and password.)
  3. Enter the tweet text in the text input box.
  4. Click on post button.

Twitlonger will then post a tweet to your twitter account with an excerpt of the message and a click to read more link.

Twitlonger is easy to use and a quick way to post more than 140 characters message on twitter.

Do let us know if you use any other service for the same purpose.