Instapaper is a service which lets you save any webpage for a later read. Lets say you landed on a webpage and would like to read it but does not have time at the moment to do so, then you can with instapaper save it to read it anytime later. It saves the webpage with simple to read formatting, removing all unnecessary elements on the page.

Saving a page for later read is simple. Instapaper provides a ‘Read Later Bookmarklet‘ which you can drag to the bookmarks bar of your browser and use it anytime you would like to mark a webpage for later read.

instapaper bookmarklet

You can access your saved pages at the instapaper website. Or you could also access them via instapaper mobile app. Currently instapaper only has an iphone/ipad app. On Android you could use iPaper, an Instapaper client for Android. You could access all your instapaper bookmarks via ipaper android app.

Once the iPaper app is synchronized with your instapaper account. You could read all the saved pages offline.

I browse a lot of webpages everyday, and keep various webpages open in browser tabs for later reference. The open tabs sometimes get closed by mistake and because of that all my important webpages gets lost. Will now use instapaper for saving the important webpages so that they will be safe and secured for later access at any point of time.

Earlier I shared a similar service Readibility, which converts a webpage in an easy to read format. But it does not have any option to bookmark and save it for later use. Although you could print or email the converted page.