lets you share your email id securely anywhere on Internet. Email id is one’s identity on internet, it’s the address where people can be reached and contacted. There are many occasions where we need to share our email id in public for eg. in forums. And this leads to unwanted spam mails which unnecessarily fill our email inbox.

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What does is, it creates a short url version of your email id. It works Similar to a url shortening service. You can then share the short url in public with anyone. Whenever anyone clicks your short url he/she will be redirected to page where the original email id will be shown up. This way only the real people will get to know your email id. It will be saved from automatic spam bots and thus you’ll be saved from getting unnecessary spam emails in your inbox.

Procedure to Make the Shortened Version of your Email id with

  1. Goto
  2. Input your email id in Email input box
  3. Input a memorable name in the url box or leave it blank to get a random one
  4. Hit ‘Protect my email’ button
[via HellBoundBloggers]

How many spam emails do your get in a day? Did you found this service useful?