Wordmark is a free online font viewer, it loads all the fonts installed on your computer and preview them using the text specified by you. You can change the background color of the font display to black – default is white. And you can also increase or decrease the font size.


By default the website does not load all the fonts but you can do it by clicking ‘load more fonts‘ button at bottom of the website. Loading all the fonts will take time and it might also make the website unresponsive for a while.

You can also select your favorite fonts among all the fonts and isolate them with the ‘filter selected‘ feature of wordmark.

There are many font viewer applications out there, free as well as paid. But what distinguishes watermark is its web-based application. I like it’s simple and clean interface. And it can be of great use at the times when you do not any font viewer application installed in the machine you are working on.