CopyPasteCharacter is website developed by Konst & Teknik & Martin Strom, which provides a table of special characters that aren’t present on your keyboard which you can instantly copy with ‘click to copy’ facility provided by the website and paste anywhere you would like to use them.

You can copy a single or multiple (by holding ‘alt’ key) characters, in text or html code format.

copy paste character

It’s a simple website with clean layout and enlarged characters that can be easily copied in a single click. This website can be really useful when you need some special characters while chatting or you need any special character’s html code while programming.

You can also download CopyPasteCharacter iPhone App to use the same functionality in your iPhone.

  • Great find dude

    Thanks for sharing…

    It is also helpful to those parents who don’t know how to key in special characters that are on numbers on keyboard.

  • Usman@FirstHosting

    this is really nice site, because I need copyright and registered button.

    thanks for the share.