Note: This tool has some bugs in it. We no further recommend that you use it. And that’s why we have also disabled the ‘letmework.zip’ download link on this page.

You may sometimes want to temporarily block websites on your computer, may be because you want to fully concentrate on your work and don’t want the various social networking websites to distract you. Or if you want to block some inappropriate websites from a minor.

The prior one is mainly for the people with lack of self-discipline who find it difficult to stop themselves from constantly checking their social networking and email accounts.

LetMeWork – A Toggle Switch for the Time-Wasting Web

LetMeWork is a simple script that will help you to quickly block and unblock websites in one go. This script is developed by Amit Agrawal who is a personal technology columnist and founder of Digital Inspiration, one of the most widely read how-to blogs in the world.

Download and unzip the file – LetMeWork.zip – to your desktop and double-click it to instant block some of the distracting sites on your computer. Later, to unblock the websites double-click on the same file again to get access to all the websites as before.

By default this script blocks Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. You can easily customize this list by editing the file. Edit letmework.vbs file and search for the following line and add or remove the sites you wish to block.

WebsitesToBlock=Array("twitter.com", "www.youtube.com", "facebook.com")

Note: This trick works with all browsers in Windows only.

  • Great tip.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    One typo “quickly blog and unblock website”. it should be quickly block.


    • This very frequently happens with me, I mistakenly replace some words with the similar spelling wrong word which I use too often.
      Thanks Nihar, for pointing out that mistake. :-)
      Done the corrections.

  • veekay

    Somehow it doesn’t prevent my system to access Facebook. Twitter gets blocked, but not Facebook. I double-checked the URLs to be blocked, everything seems to be correct, but Facebook still loads up after the script is activated. That’s strange.

  • Paulina

    so I installed the program and bloked the websites and now that I wan to unblock them its not doing that. Anyone who can help? thank you so much

  • Arun

    Hi guys… I used the srcipt for blocking website.
    It does blocks the websites but now its not unblocking it.
    can you please help me out…?

  • Troubled

    Do NOT use this!!! It seems to have been developed without a safety precaution in the case that the program messes up. I used this to block a particular gaming website that I went on too often and left the default “facebook”, “youtube”, and “twitter” websites on the list of blocked websites. The program did not block the gaming website even when I used several different variations for the websites url. However, it did manage to permanently block me from the three other websites. I tried to unblock the website multiple times but it either shows an error message or says that the sites have been unblocked only for me later to find out that they still haven’t. Unfortunately, the program designer did not take into account user-friendliness or safety precautions to errors in the code that would restore the computer to its original state. I’ll look into some solutions this problem that some of the other commenters pointed out but in the meantime, I’d suggest that unless you are interested in permanently blocking websites on your computer, you stay away from LetMeWork.vbs.