You got a brand new mobile phone sometime back and now your old mobile phone is of no use. What will you do with it? Throw it in garbage or return it back to the mobile company for free for recycling? The prior one will be damaging to the environment and the later one will be damaging to your pocket.

What if you get paid for recycling your old phone? That would be beneficial for both the environment and your pocket.


Cash for Mobile is the best place to recycle and sell your unwanted and old mobile phone. You can sell your old mobile phone in a decent competitive amount to CashforMobile. CashforMobile buys both the working phones and non-working phones and pays you accordingly. Once your phone is reached to CashforMobile, upon validation you will receive your cash for mobiles.

What CashforMobile do of these Old Mobile Phones?

CashforMobile sends the old mobile phones to the third world countries where they will be re-used. In developing countries second hand mobile phones are always in demand because they are a cheap and sustainable way to communicate.

Procedure to Sell your Mobile Phone at CashForMobile

  1. Goto
  2. Use the search box to find your phone (Supports 60+ Manufacturers)
  3. See how much your phone is worth
  4. Select whether the phone working or non-working
  5. Add the current phone to your basket by clicking on ‘Add to Basket‘. Then click on the ‘Checkout‘ button.
  6. Fill in all the required details (The address must be a valid UK mainland address)
  7. CashforMobile will send you a padded envelop and a free-post address label to your address.
  8. Put the old mobile phone you want to sell in the envelop and drop it in the post. (No charger required!)
  9. Once your phone gets tested and validated you will instantly get your payment.

The best part is you do not need to pay any postal charges and even not required to send your phone charger.

Importance of Recycling Mobile Phones

It is important to recycle mobile phones as there is an ever increasing amount of handsets been disposed of day after day. Cast away handsets end up in landfill sites. The toxins released from these phones eventually end up in lakes and rivers which will then be used as drinking water by animals and humans. These toxins deteriorates the environment and causes harms to who ever consumes it.

Mobile phones recycling will help reduce the amount of waste going into landfill. Don’t you think its high time now to start thinking about leaving behind a better environment for our children?

If you have any unwanted and old mobile phone, sell it to Cash for Mobile Phones. Its easy and a great way to earn extra cash. And you are also helping the enironment.