YouTube LogoYouTube videos can be easily embedded inside a WordPress post. You might have many a times embedded YouTube videos within you post content to make the content more informative. But there may come an occasion in future when you want to hide the video display from an embedded YouTube video, rather you just want the visitor to listen to audio of the embedded YouTube video.

There may be one of the following reasons when you want the visitor to only listen to audio of the embedded YouTube video:

  • The video is not appropriate for the audience of your blog or not related to the content of your post.
  • You do not have sufficient space to display the video.

You can easily hide the video with this simple trick

Copy the embed code from YouTube. Search and change these two values in the embed code:

  1. allowfullscreen=”false”
  2. height=”25″

Youtube Audio

After you have done the changes put the embed code at the required place. Now only the player controls will be shown up, like the below image:

YouTube Player Controls

[via Ampercent]