Earlier it was not possible to change the misspelled Facebook page name. Facebook a few days back rolled out the facility to change the misspelled Facebook page name. But it has certain limitations, the page should not have more than 100 members.

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How to Change Misspelled Facebook Page name [Procedure]

1. Goto http://www.facebook.com/pages/manage/
2. click on ‘edit page‘ link below the page name your want to edit.
3. On the next ‘basic information‘ page change the name in the ‘Name‘ field.

Change Facebook Page Name

But this could only be done if you have not more than 100 members, do ensure this before proceeding to change your Facebook page name. If you have more than 100 fans you can surely delete a few and then proceed.

[via ShoutMeLoud]
  • Hi Mate, Thanks for sharing this useful tutorial. I have met a problem like this few months back and I have left that FB page. Well, now I can change the page name

    • Hey Sathish, good to know your problem is solved now. Facebook is rolling out a lot of new features these days. I am hoping that Facebook will soon bring out something similar for high member pages.

  • this is certainly a very nice feature by facebook and i am sure many people will be benifitted by this.

    • Hey, people will surely benefit form this, but those with high member pages still lack any option. Lets see Facebook may bring out something for them in future. Thanks for your comment. :-)

  • Pixelrage

    Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, Facebook has neglected a huge number of FB Page users, namely, ones who have a well established Page and cannot change the title. It's frustrating to the n'th degree. Poor move on FB's part, for something that should be considered bare bones functionality.

  • Unfortunately this only applies if you have less than 100 fans.

  • unfortunately it looks that this is not working any more… not even for pages with less than 100 followers. any ideas how to fix it now?