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Emus4U App Installer | iPhone and Android


Emus4U is one of the top-rated unofficial app installers, offering a little bit more than most. Besides the modified apps and games, all with great new features, Emus4U app also offers a large choice of Cydia apps, including the ever-popular games emulators, the best screen recorders and a whole heap more. Downloading it is simple, you don’t need Cydia and its all free.

AirShou Screen Recorder | iOS and Android

airshouGreat screen recorders are like gold dust but one of the very best has just been made free for all without needing to jailbreak first. AirShou offers a great range of features, including full HD video recording at up to 60 fps, the option of adding stereo sound, on-screen controls and a whole lot more besides; download it now to find out what.

ACMarket App Installer | PlayStore Alternative

acmarket appACMarket is the only unofficial Android app store in the world, a fantastic alternative to the official store, offering thousands of tweaked and modified Android apps and games. You don’t even need to root your Android device to use AC Market app although the benefits of doing so are far greater. It also works on iOS and PC and is completely free for all users.

Panda Helper | iOS and Android App Installer

panda helperPanda Helper is the latest name in Cydia alternatives, an unofficial app store downloaded by millions. The PandaHelper installer offers a ton of apps modified with new features, games with all the in-app features unlocked and loads more, including Cydia tweaks, screen recorders and move streaming apps. The best news is, it’s all free and you don’t even need to jailbreak to use it

TweakBox App for iPhone Download

tweakbox app

TweakBox app is a Jailbreak alternative with a difference. Free to download and use, TweakBox offers users a large choice of some of the best-modified apps, tweaked games and tweaks, not to mention all the other apps and games included with it. Using it is dead simple and there is something for everyone, regardless of age and of app preferences.

Cydia Download on iPhone Tutorial

cydia app

Cydia always has been and always will be the only way to get the full range of tweaks and modifications for any iOS device. Free to use, Cydia is downloaded as standard with any jailbreak tool and is packed with thousands of modifications, tweaks, themes, ringtones, and a load more cool and useful apps. This app is compatible with iOS devices on iOS 6 to iOS 12,