01.05.2014 in Software by Namit Gupta

Top 5 Indian Online Shopping Apps for iPhone and Android

online shopping apps india

Online shopping has become the trendiest mode of shopping for many computer users. The convenience of online retail stores has become an alluring factor. Also, the other advantages like the […]

25.04.2014 in Article by Namit Gupta

Online Ads – The Pros and Cons Explained!


Online advertisements have literally taken the internet by storm due to its user friendliness and ease of access; not only have they made life a whole lot simpler for people […]

22.11.2013 in Article by Namit Gupta

Understanding Software Escrow


For any business that relies on certain software to operate, it’s important to protect the program as much as any other company asset. Yet this can be difficult when, as […]

08.11.2013 in Article by Namit Gupta

Stand Out from the Crowd with Better eCommerce Solutions


There is a lot of competition in the eCommerce industry. With boundless space on the Internet and millions of potential customers to vie for every day, it’s no wonder so […]

05.10.2013 in Internet by Namit Gupta

How to Stop Getting Candy Crush Requests on Facebook


Candy crush is no doubt is one of the most popular mobile game today. But its sending request to facebook friends feature has irritated many. Getting myself irritated about it […]

30.09.2013 in Article by Namit Gupta

What Makes Netbooks A Smart Choice for the Practical Consumer


With the recent technological advancement of laptops and the emergence of tablets, it could be argued that netbooks have taken a back seat. However, they still remain ideal and extremely […]

18.07.2013 in Article by Namit Gupta

Keeping Your Information Safe in 2013


It’s becoming a scary world. Hackers, identity thieves, and cyber terrorists lurk waiting to steal your passwords, jack your identity, and generally muck up your world. However, along with all […]

28.06.2013 in Article by Namit Gupta

Current Online Marketing Trends That Aren’t Going Away


There are more than a few business trends and statistics that try to point people in the right direction for the coming years. However, there are current trends that, while […]

16.05.2013 in Article by Namit Gupta

Phone or Tablet for Gaming: Which is Better?


It can be argued that both mobile phones and tablets (basically the missing link between a mobile phone and a laptop) have their good and bad points when it comes […]